Personalised Accessories – Pakistan’s Latest Trend

Travelling to Pakistan, my Instagram was full of celebrities modelling personalised t-shirts, caps, bomber jackets and what not. Black and Gold was the most popular combination to be seen and why not?! It looked so bomb that despite being in the last leg of my holiday I decided to purchase a t-shirt for myself, to further judge the hype.

Like I mentioned, I was far down the last leg of my stay, low in budget and because I resided in a small city, my only option was ordering online. To everyone I spoke, the delivery dates did not work out so I almost literally gave up. That is until I spoke to a representative of a well established company called Mystique Accessories.

I was in least hope of any success, but these guys killed it with their amazing service, I placed an order less than 24 hours before my flight for a cap and a t-shirt. They skipped a good number of orders to prioritise my order and brought the package to me at 6am in the morning at the airport at no extra cost.

So here is what I picked up from the products and the service:

  • The shirt and cap look amazing and are of good quality.
  • There are various colours which are offered and two types of t-shirts available.
  • The prices are extremely reasonable and you get an amazing service.
  • They offer international shipping too.

Apart from the shirts and caps, these guys offer personalised phone cases, bomber jackets and clutches as well (my future order :p).

Here are a few pictures of my shirt and cap:


You can find Mystique Accessories on Instagram at : @mystique_accessories_ and to place an order you may WhatsApp them on this number: +923214204366

Disclaimer: I have not in any way been asked to do a review, I have purchased the items myself and I have provided an honest opinion on the items.



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