My Autumnal Graduation

Ahhhh. Graduation. That point where you can finally relax after extreme brain torture. It feels so good to look back and see where every single point of effort has brought you to. This day. The day where you can show everyone that you did it, you passed, you pulled through those major breakdowns, those last minute study sessions and those prayers you did before all those hard exams, assignments and what not.

It’s your day! It’s the day when you should be absolutely proud of yourself, be confident and walk up, shake hands and take that certificate with your face glowing like you’ve slathered all that highlighter that you just spent a hundred quid on the other day.

And I’m pretty sure that like me, you will want to take one million selfies from which you will want to choose a small selection to post on your social media (HAHA to those who said I couldn’t do it). Today, I am sharing how I got ready for my graduation in hope that I can inspire you with loads of ideas which can be similar to mine or an idea that is a hundred steps ahead of mine, all power to you 🙂

My graduation was a very early one, it began at 10:30 am but I had to be there for 9:00 am. I had to wake up super early and that meant my skin would look exhausted. I did a major skincare routine the night before to combat this, which is mentioned below.

Tip number one: care for your skin as early as you can, don’t try and find that face mask that will clear your skin out last minute. I followed a carefully put together skin care regime two weeks prior to my graduation.

My morning skin care was: Simple face wash, St Ives apricot scrub and then my body shop moisturising essentials, the Drops of Youth essence lotion, youth concentrate and then the Skin Defence multi-protection essence with spf 50 PA++++.

My night skin care was: Garnier micellar water to remove make-up, Simple face wash, St Ives apricot scrub and then The Body Shop’s vitamin E eye cube and then a night moisturiser.

The night before I did a major step by step skincare with my favourite The Body Shop products. Starting from the left working my way along with a cleanser, mask, essence lotion, serum, eye cube and finally skin defence lotion.

I had initially booked a makeup artist but then cancelled, invested in a good foundation and highlighter (much more convenient in the long run) and I practiced a few looks i’d like to wear. I also chose a few hairstyles and then I paired up my favourite look.

I used to following makeup products:

  • Carli Bybel deluxe edition palette
  • L.A. Colours contour palette
  • Make-up forever HD foundation ( my best investment)
  • Urban Decay After Glow highlighter (I used the shade BLISS)
  • Bourjois Concealer (medium) and blush (Rose D’or)
  • Benefit cosmetics roller lash mascara and gimme brow

Outfit wise I took ages choosing, this one I’d say get the outfit and shoes ASAP. It helps if you have a change of mind or something needs a little tweak. I first bought an outfit but then I decided to get a custom-made one, the outfit was black as per the college dress code. I initially wanted high heels but the thought of wet weather and other things (such as falling down in front of everyone) made me opt for casual flats from New Look.

A few extra tips:

  • Make sure you are going to remain comfortable, I had to walk a lot and was so glad I didn’t have heels on! You are also probably going to walk a lot, stand and sit a lot too, the last thing you want is to feel suffocated.
  • You will be nervous no doubt, but hey! It’s your day and you earned it, smile to your content without being afraid!
  • please make sure you aren’t hungry, I went without breakfast and sat with the fear of my stomach rumbling throughout the whole ceremony and I was drained to when I had my pictures taken!
  • Bring lots of safety pins- thank me later.

A compulsory image with the amazing bagpipe player!


Glasgow’s Hogwarts


My outfit of the day!

Dress – custom made, dip-hem dress with sequinced lace sleeves.

Tights – SUPER COMFY (they were lined inside) from Primark.

Shoes – Pumps from New Look.

Bracelet – Made by my amazing mother.

I really really hope I provided some inspiration for your upcoming formal events! Should you have any questions, suggestions or need any other information, feel free to send a comment via the comment section of my website, dm me on Instagram or facebook!

Thankyou for your immense support and love guys !

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