Settling in to the year’s most colourful season – Autumn.

autumn leavesAutumn. It’s one of those seasons that either you love or you hate, right? I tend to swap sides every couple of years, I still don’t know why. At the start of autumn, the leaves all become vibrant and colourful and pretty. BUT when you live in a cold and wet place called Scotland, there’s bound to be wind and rain. The leaves fall down and they become mushy and brown and by that time, you yourself could be in a blunder. Well I certainly am.

My skin becomes awfully dry, I have chapped lips, my hair becomes a riot and the wardrobe and my shoes need a drastic makeover. So here I have gathered a few of the things that I do to keep my spirits up high and make myself look like I know what I am doing. 😀

p.s If you’re a guy then you can also use some of these tips! It’s not only for girls!

  1. Out with the summer clothes and in with the sweaters and jumpers.

When the weather starts changing outside, I look into my wardrobe full of dresses and outfits that are so playful in colour and style but then you think, “I’ll be freezing in that,” or “It’s probably going to get wrecked in the rain,” or something along those lines. The main goal is to look and feel both comfortable and cosy. Being a university student I just pick up what I can find in the morning and wear that. But an ideal trick is to hang up a variety of jumpers and warm clothes and keep a few pairs of jeans or ‘cosy’ leggings underneath and mix and match them. To go with the outfit, I have a selection of shoes ranging from converses to boots, if I feel really cold then I can wear fuzzy socks with my boots and if not I just wear my normal socks with converses.

2. Skincare, haircare and Makeup!

I look in my mirror in the mornings to find dry, flaky and dull skin, chapped lips. The best thing to do is moisturise and moisturise! My favourite lip product is the Carmex moisturising lip balm because it is quite dense and really effective.

You want to keep your skin hydrated and well nourished, it helps prepare the skin for winter too. I use a good face mask to nourish my skin 3 times a week. My current favourites are from The Body Shop range but a DIY mask is just as good!

It is important to use a face wash that won’t dry your skin out and use a moisturiser/ skin care routine that will hydrate your skin more than normal.

Your hair and scalp tend to dry up in autumn, if this isn’t the case for you then aren’t you lucky! A nourishing hair mask, shampoo and conditioner is the way to go. I tend to choose between the l’Oreal or OGX range (particularly the OGX coconut water). If I feel a little productive then I’ll google a DIY hair mask and make the one I fancy.

For makeup, I like to stay barefaced or I’ll approach the minimalistic look: Mascara, a liquid concealer, blush and we’re good to go! As a student I’m quite lazy and I simply don’t have the time to go through removing the layers and then going through my skincare.

These three products are my all time favourites and I’ve yet to find something that are better! The only con about the Roller Lash mascara by benefit cosmetics is that I have really bad lash fall out afterwards.


Finally l’d like to say that you should try and embrace every season as there is something special about every season. Autumn brings smaller and colder days which gives a candle lover like me to pull out my stash of candles, decorate the house with autumnal colours and bring out the mugs of hot chocolate!


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