Hey lovelies! I hope you guys are doing well and preparing for the festive period up ahead x.

I’ve had major requests from various people to share some of the DIY skincare products I use when I feel super productive. I’ll always show a DIY and then the product which is similar and can be purchased if you don’t have the time.

So why a DIY? Firstly I believe products which are fresh, are much more effective on the skin compared to preserved products. I can adjust the mask or whatever I am making to suit my skin, for example, milk is used in a lot of masks and it features in today’s recipe too.

Today’s mask is a Rice and Milk mask, simple yet VERY effective. It’s my absolute favourite, it’s easy to make and it’s not sticky or a weird texture (I’m very picky to what goes on my face). Let’s get straight into the recipe and I’ll explain things as we go along.

The two ingredients you require are:

  1. Milkcleanses by removing excess oil, contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid (present in most chemical exfoliators) which reduces wrinkles, increases collagen while smoothing out the skin surface. Milk also softens the skin and tones it.’
  2. Rice Rice can exfoliate your skin (almost a scrub), it removes dead skin cells, acting like a polish, rice also acts as a gentle lightener, fading spots with regular use!
  3. Honey – An antibacterial product with healing properties!


Now in regards to the milk, you should try and use milk that will suit your skin type, if you have dry skin i recommend whole fat milk and if you have oily skin i recommend milk with little to no fat and if you are in between then use semi-skimmed.

Simply grind the rice until it’s almost powdered form, you need two tablespoons of this. Add in one tablespoon of honey (preferably raw) and up to tablespoons of milk (add as much as required to make a paste) , mix this really well and leave it in the fridge for five minutes.



Then mix this again and apply with a clean makeup brush. This is very runny so I recommend using a towel tucked around the neck area. Apply a thin layer and wait about a minute to let it dry, then add another layer and so forth till you have approximately five layers. Allow it to dry and then wash it off with luke warm water in a scrubbing motion!

You will see instant results but don’t expect a huge difference in one application. Use this mask three times a week and I’m sure you will love it!

p.s please please do a patch test beforehand!

If you don’t have the time then a great alternative is The Body Shop face mask – Chinese Ginseng and Rice. You can find it here, it is slightly expensive, thicker in consistency but it’s definitely value for money but I feel the fresh mask gives a slightly better result.


  1. Katt Wolf says:

    I use the Body Shop mask you mentioned and really love it, so I might have to give your DIY one a go! I really love a good exfoliating scrub, so combining that with a mask definitely sounds like my kinda thing.

    Katt x

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