Estee Lauder Products Worth the Splurge

Hey lovelies! I hope you guys are doing amazing!

Today, I will be sharing my absolute favourite Estee Lauder products! It can sometimes be hard to decide if a luxury product is worth the investment or not. Trust me, I don’t buy products blind eyed either.

I make sure I take the following approach when purchasing an item, because, it’s firstly my money and then secondly, if it’s going to go on your skin, then you want to make sure it’s right for your skin type and that you won’t have horrible side effects from the products.

  1. Research – always try and take the time to know more about the product, what it is for and how it works.
  2. Reviews – Read reviews, don’t completely listen to the positive and don’t completely listen to the negative comments, try and pick out factors that may affect you.
  3. Consult – Before splashing that money out speak to the consultant! I’ve found that sometimes whenever I’m going to buy something, the consultant always suggests a product more suitable to me and sometimes it works out cheaper!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Eyeliner.


This eyeliner is one my favourites because it is so easy to use with a smooth gliding application. I can create very thin lines and thick lines too. It isn’t dry and my eyes don’t get irritated by it. The colour is black, it doesn’t fade and remains put until you use a good cleanser to remove it! (Estee Lauder claims that it remains intact for 15 hours!) I give the eyeliner a big five out of five stars.                                                                              You can purchase the eyeliner here.

Estee Lauder Double Wear stay in place foundation.


So this foundation was my very first luxury foundation, I trialled it with a sample of the foundation that was matched to my skin! I was so excited about this because it was all the hype at the time. Basically, it’s a great foundation, budge-proof and definitely full coverage. The only thing that I don’t like is that once this foundation sets, it’s not going to budge. I’m a person who goes back and forth while doing my makeup and the foundation doesn’t favour that. And I need a better match, my current foundation is much darker than my skin tone and everyone is able to pick that out!                                     I’ve linked the foundation here.

Estee Lauder Colour Envy Lipstick in the shade Dynamic 410


I received this in a gift bag, when I purchased my foundation I believe. This lipstick is really impressive! I wouldn’t have ever considered purchasing any Estee Lauder lipstick if it wasn’t for this lipstick. Smooth application as it is quite a creamy formula, i’d say it is somewhat matte and it is perfect for everyday use, It isn’t drying or bulky on my lips and it definitely doesn’t smudge. My number one favourite in solid lipsticks!

And finally, the product that I have been religiously following, the Make-up Remover Lotion – Take It Away



And I swear it does take it all away! So I went and didn’t have the intention of purchasing it but the demo by the consultant at the counter sold it to me. so basically this cleanser has a lot of calming properties such as aloe vera. It MELTS your make-up off and you can see the makeup coming off. It doesn’t penetrate into the skin, so there is no chance for the gunk to get into any open pores, I apply this directly on my face and use gentle circular motions until I see that everything is melted. I then wash it with look warm water and I am left with clean, soft and very well hydrated skin! Its a massive 100/5 for me, trust me I am NOT exaggerating on this!

To save yourself from the despair of going to bed with a face full of makeup, you can purchase this cleanser here, I assure you, you won’t regret!

I hope this blog post was helpful to you guys, it was not sponsored or in any sort of collaboration. I had purchased the products myself and the review is my honest opinion!


To stay tuned with other amazing posts and mini-reviews follow me on my social media @Leenayblogs and you can use the forum here to contact me!

Lots of love,

Leenay xxx


p.s I am not in anyway connected with the brand and none of the links are affiliates. I have purchased everything myself and provided honest and true opinions!


17 thoughts on “Estee Lauder Products Worth the Splurge

    • leenayblogs says:

      I can understand the urge to buy what you see! sometimes it’s a great way to discover a hidden gem and sometimes it could be a complete waste of money! I’m so sure that you will love this eye liner! Thankyou for commenting x

      Love Leenay x


  1. 🌹 K A T T (@kattwolfuk) says:

    I went to Debenhams and had a colour test done for the foundation a few months back, but never actually bought the product, so you have just reminded me I need to!

    I’ve really started enjoying Estee Lauder skincare recently, including the makeup remover lotion… it’s incredible, isn’t it! I always alternate between this and Cliniques take the day off balm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • leenayblogs says:

      Yes, i feel like the lotion hasn’t received the recognition it should have! I’ve not had a great experience with Clinique’s consultants so refrained using their products. I hope you enjoy your foundation whenever you purchase!

      Love, Leenay x


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