Hey lovelies!

Today, i am going to be reviewing two oils i received from NARLOA. I stumbled across them on twitter and decided to give the products a go and share my views! The products contain natural ingredients which was my main interest. I believe I’ve trialled them over a month so i could provide an honest review.

Firstly, lets talk about receiving the products. They arrived promptly in a beautiful gold envelope. Once opened, both oils were bubble wrapped and there was lots of information provided about the product as requested! These would work a charm in a gift hamper or as a stocking filler!

The quality of the bottles was good and the pumps on the bottles still work great, you may sometimes notice that cheap bottles with bad quality pumps on top usually break and then you need to unscrew the top every time you need to use the product.


INTENSE Hair Oil with Lavender.

Let’s talk about the hair oil. It is known as the INTENSE Hair Oil with Lavender. The bottle of oil has actually got lavender herbs in it, it looks really cute to be honest and as you can imagine it smells so good! It’s not an overpowering smell and when you apply it to your scalp the scent has a soothing effect. I applied it every second night and washed it off the following morning. The oil worked it’s wonders and my scalp is no longer flaky and dry. I used three to four pumps and applied it to my scalp only. It wasn’t greasy like other oils. You can also use a little bit to style your hair and tame the frizz! My hair also felt a lot softer and smoother after two to three times of use.


Balancing Face Oil.

This oil is great for all skin types i’d say. My mother used it too and she has oily skin whereas i have extremely dry and patchy skin. The appearance from in the bottle made me think that it would be greasy in texture but this wasn’t the case. I patted it into my skin after washing my face twice a day, I initially felt that my skin was being moisturised but it was looking dull too. I stopped using it and still saw my skin was dull till I realised that it was another skin care product I applied after this oil that was the issue.

I started using the oil again and just the oil after washing my face and my skin remained hydrated throughout the day. Over regular use the spots already present on my face became less visible and I had very little breakouts in comparison to before using the oil! I have really really fine lines on my forehead which are no longer visible and I am so pleased!

I also tried applying my makeup on top, my makeup applies smoothly as it would with a primer and after regular checking I can say that my makeup didn’t budge! A dream come true in an oil!


This balancing face oil is a combination of ten different botanical oils which contain Linoleic Acid which helps prevent any unwanted break outs! Anti-aging, hydrating, rejuvenating and so many more benefits!


The service is amazing, very kind and corteous, I highly recommend purchasing these and I look forward to hopefully trying other products by NARLOA!

You can find these and other great products here!

If you have any more questions, feel free to comment or pop me an email through the contact section!


love, Leenay xx

11 thoughts on “NARLOA Oils

    • leenayblogs says:

      It’s amazing! It’s quite a dry oil so i’m sure it would be fine. If you decide to go for it i’d recommend speaking to them through twitter to see what is best for you x

      Thankyou for reading my post sweetheart,

      love, Leenay x


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