The Linzi Clip


Hey lovelies! I hope you’re having a super duper amazing hair day like I am! Today I’m reviewing the amazing linzi clips!

I’ve got quite lengthy hair and I need it out my way most of the time, especially when i’m doing my skincare routine or my makeup, I mean who hasn’t had their hair stuck in their face while washing their face or that wisp of hair that falls onto their lipstick and then it’s all over your face. And yes I tried using hair ties and various clips but my hair gets stuck and it’s an absolute pain when I try to get it out.

I have taken my time to trial every aspect of the linzi clip so I can speak about everything that can be raised as a concern when it comes to accessories which are used on the hair. I’ve had my hair ripped out so many times and I hate it. The linzi clip is designed so that the annoying spring is hidden and out the way, it doesn’t come in contact with my hair at all. It is comfortable and holds my hair really well.

My hair is also pretty silky and thick, this makes it impossible for any clip to hold my hair in place, I don’t blame the hair ties or clips, it’s my hair that’s the cause. The linzi clip has been designed to cater for these issues and there are instructions on the back of all the packaging which tell you how to apply the clip correctly to your hair and then forget about the chances of your hair falling on your face.

Another issue sometimes is that when you wear any hair accessory and you’re watching your favourite drama or movie, you lean back and then, yeeeppp! The hair accessory digs right into your scalp. Painful right? I’ve for the sake of this review, did a small experiment on this, On hard surfaces I can feel the clip dig into my head but on the couch or elsewhere I don’t need to be afraid anymore.

The linzi clip is available in various sizes, design and the clips are specific to hair types which are categorised as following:

  • Fine to thin hair
  • Medium to thick hair
  • Most hair types

Of course, these options are all available in different colours, patterns and sizes!

You can use these as you wish, go crazy with colours or floral patterns or the all casual black. The different sizes allow you to create different styles and for ease I just clip my favourite clip onto my handbag and use it as required.

Overall, I’m really pleased with the Linzi Hair clips, I’ highly recommend them and I will be using these in future, especially during my travels!
You can find these amazing hair clips at:

If you have any questions then comment below or feel free to contact me through my contact page!


Love, Leenay x


Disclaimer: These products were kindly sent out to me by The Linzi Clip for reviewing purposes.

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