Kaloneu Glow Serum – A hidden gem


The Glow serum

Hey lovelies, I don’t know how to introduce this blog post today guys, honestly because I can’t find the right words. Any word that I think of to describe this product that I am introducing today is too small.

To be honest I don’t even remember how I found Kaloneu on Instagram, but I remember that I got a dm saying that if I ordered on that day I’d get 10% off. I thought, hey the reviews are all five stars, that’s obviously someone hiding the negativity, possibly, right?!

The reviews were faultless and the pictures looked amazing on Instagram so I thought yes, this product has to be bought, either it’s as amazing as it sounds or it’ll go in my drawers (To be honest though, In my heart I’d already accepted that this was going to be my miracle oil)

Delivery and packaging:

The order was dispatched very quickly but due to the beast from the east my order was delayed a couple of days but the team at Kaloneu were very attentive and made sure I wasn’t left in the dark, even though it wasn’t at all their fault.

The glow serum arrived well packaged and with an information card, stating the ingredients, any allergens and the various methods to use them. I found this rather useful and decided that I would use the serum as a moisturiser and a makeup primer.

My skin history:

Let me tell you a tiny bit about my skin, it is generally very dry, my makeup always looks patchy and messed up, no matter how much moisturiser or primer I apply prior to my makeup. My skin is also extremely sensitive and I have to be careful about what goes onto my skin or I breakout with lots of kisses from the spot fairy.

First impressions:

As I applied four drops onto my face for the very first time, I massaged it really well into my skin and I realised that all the gunk like white heads and black heads were coming out of my skin and into my fingers. I was amazed because I had recently watched a youtuber (heyitsfei) use oil to remove whiteheads in her skin but it didn’t work for her but unexpectedly, it worked for me and I was so happy!

Continuous use:

I then continued to use the serum day and night and every single time, my skin became smoother and tighter, I can now see a glow on my face and the fact that my skin is improving has given me so much confidence in myself, I mostly go out bare face now, I’m that happy with the results. I won’t be leaving this product any time soon!

I also used the serum as a makeup primer and I wasn’t let down, it worked out so much better than many drug store brands as my makeup was flawless and smooth. The makeup didn’t move all day and I didn’t look or feel patchy or oily at all!

I’ve not used it as a makeup remover/cleanser as of yet because I really want to use it and see if I can get rid of my pigmentation. My scars from previous spots are definitely fading and I’m breaking out less. I’m so excited to see what other improvements this serum will bring to my skin! If you feel like this glow serum will be your new favourite too then click here to get re-directed to their website!

I hope you all have enjoyed this quick and short review. I have uploaded a picture of myself with the serum as a primer if you would like to see that follow me on Instagram at @leenayslipstickandluggage ! if you have any questions, suggestions get in touch! I’ll be updating more about the glow serum on my social media so make sure you follow up! My snapchat is: leenayloves.

Disclaimer: I purchased this product myself and I am in no way affiliated with the brand Kaloneu.

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