Organising with Old English Co! ft. competition


Hey my lovelies! I’ve recently been credited so much by you guys about my organisation skills! Well let me tell you that in real life i always ended up missing deadlines and made lame excuses like the dog ate my homework, but in reality we all know that there was no dog right?!

I organise myself with planners, I have a planner for different things such as university, my everyday life, travelling and of course my blog! Today I’ve partnered with Old English Co to show you some amazing and super awesome planners!


Before we dig into that good stuff, I’m going to share a tiny bit of information about Old English Co.

Old English Co. offer the best of the best, hand lettered goods. They offer products of high quality which range from stunning prints to clothing to homeware to the obvious, stationary! There is a huge variety available which is perfect to treat yourself or to gift to loved ones!


Just like Old English Co say, Their art is the simplicity of their designs!

Now onto my favourite part, the planners.


Old English Co. have designed four beautiful planners in a handy dandy A5 size, perfect to carry around wherever you go. A thick and sturdy hard cover in four different colours with the word planner beautifully scribed in golden foil right in the centre. If you think these planners have just been made for you, follow the link below to see all their beautiful planners!


The paper inside is of good quality, you can date each page and there is a check-list that you may use and trust me that is the most handy part! I find writing a checklist gives me the motivation to complete that specific task and  just tick it off the list, phew!

If you are a person who loves to take notes then don’t worry, There is a section at the bottom of each page with ample space, just for your notes!

Competition time!

If you would love to be in the chance to win this amazing planner in all four colours then follow this link below! My best wishes are with you!

I hope that my lovelies have enjoyed this post and will enjoy the amazing competition too! Feel free to contact me for any questions or enquiries here or on my social media!


Leenay xxx


Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Old English Co. Any opinions expressed are true and are my own.


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