Winky Lux Cosmetics – Cute makeup!


Hey lovelies, I’m sitting in this amazing weather and I’m all hyped up to tell you about my crush – Winky Lux. Honestly the most beautifully packaged makeup ever! I was very lucky to be getting the chance to collaborate with them, by testing out three of their products and then writing this review, so let’s get started!

The first part that i must, must cover is their super cute packaging. You guys must have seen the unboxing and if you haven’t then make sure to check it out on my Instagram highlights. The box in which the products were delivered was so beautifully designed internally and was sturdy too and so i decided to keep the box safe. The actual products inside were also contained within very sleek and beautiful, yet immaculate.

The three products that i received were:

  1. Flower balm lipstick
  2. Mini-pill lipstick set
  3. A eyeshadow set in – Bellini

Let’s start with reviewing the flower balm lipstick, there are various ‘shades’ but I chose the shade purple.

The flower balm lipstick is perfect for on the go, it is completely clear and contains a small, fragile, real purple chrysanthemum flower in the base of it.

I honestly waited so long to get my hands on such a lip balm and winky lux cosmetics finally made it possible.

The way these lipsticks works is that they have a colour scale which is dependant on the pH of your lips. The balm also has a coconut scent to it which once on my lips makes me want to eat it.

My rating: 4.5/5

It ticks all the boxes for me when I look at the checklist which I personally use while searching for a lip balm for myself, as it is hydrating, has a suttle scent and doesn’t dry my lips after. The reason for 4.5 stars is that although the shade of the pink is dependant on the pH of the lips I wish it was more pigmented.

Let’s move onto the mini-pill lipstick set. This set contains 5 lipstick pills which are almost the same size of real capsule pills. You may think that, that’s nothing and what’s the point? Well the point of this set is to allow you to carry more than one colour of lipstick where ever you go as these are super tiny.

The shades in the kit are:

– meow



– City


My Rating: 4.5/5

The lipsticks are creamy and easy to apply to the lips and they give you a sharp clean finish. All the shades are very pigmented and are moderately lasting on the lips – this is how I prefer it.

The purple shade was my least favourite as it was far too vibrant for my skin tone but I loved the rest

And finally let’s review the eye shadow palette.

My Rating: 4/5

The Palette is really high quality and not flimsy at all, it holds the 5 gorgeous shades, a very useful mirror and a really soft and very practical eyeshadow brush.

The eye shades are very subtle and you are given a range from matte to really shimmery. The colours are perfect for everyday although I really felt like I needed to use an eye primer underneath for the eye shadow to really give a pop of colour on my eye lids

Overall, I’m really pleased with the standards kept by Winky Lux, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or gift winky lux to a close friend or family!

You can purchase Winky Lux products over at:


love, Leenay x

Disclaimer: These products were gifted to me by winky lux in exchange for an honest review

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