Entice Cosmetics – My True Love! Part 1

Hey lovelies, I hope you guys have been well! After a massive long break I’m so glad to be back! It feels good to be sitting in front of my laptop and typing my heart away, literally. I’m not sharing a review today, I want to talk about a brand, very close to my heart, which I was a small part of before I decided to vanish.

Entice Cosmetics is a cosmetic brand, founded by an angel called Rabbia. She is from London and all the products by entice cosmetics are manufactured there. Entice was roaming around my Instagram for quite some while but I didn’t pay much heed, I decided to give small support by providing small exposure. I started sharing all their lipstick shades coming out and the serums which were yet to launch.

What pleased me most was that finally there was an entrepreneur in Pakistan who was launching a cosmetic brand which was actually going through regulations and set standards, it wasn’t going to be makeup made of cow fat or God knows what. It is a brand which is also cruelty, paraben free and also vegan friendly!

It was then posted that a launch event would be happening for the brand and they wanted bloggers to apply. I contacted Rabbia and explained my interest and how I was miles away but was still willing to fly over just so I had the opportunity to be there. She was very kind and told me to send in an email and that I could be a part of the event. That’s where I felt a connection. I felt like there was someone who could understand someone else’s perspective and give them a chance, to the actual person and not the number of followers which were the reason my blogging ambition was breathing upon.

A beautiful invite was sent out before I even reached Lahore and although other bloggers had received brownies, being ever so considerate she knew I would arrive and the brownies wouldn’t be in an edible state so she sent chocolates out instead. Rabbia was pulling together her entice cosmetics family. The first people to actually see her matte lipsticks at a very welcoming event.


Entice Cosmetics Launch Invite

Rabbia is also the reason for me achieving so many goals. I stepped outside the house alone, I flew across the continent alone for more than 10 hours with a stop in Dubai. I got to fly in business class (thankyou to my parents) and I got to be an adult who was mature enough to handle themselves. It was such an experience. I would have never even imagined being able to do that real quick at the age of nineteen.



I hope you guys enjoy reading this, I know it’s different but I really want to put this out there. There is so much information that I’ll be sharing this story in three parts, so keep an eye out!

If this is enough to make you want to purchase entice cosmetics products then you can take a look over at: http://www.instagram.com/entice.cosmetics

Yours Truly,



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