Christmas Card Swap! – Bloggers Only

Hello dear blogger!

I feel a tiny bit eager writing this blog post as it’s the very first time I’m writing a blog post aimed at all you bloggers out there!

This year, I’m hoping to host a blogger Christmas card swap. It involves you, a Christmas card and a card swap! Us bloggers are always trying to connect with each other and this is just a nice way to connect, say hi and pass on a positive message! This is an international opportunity!

How does it work?

Just fill out the form below! Yes, it involves providing your PO Box or address so guys please be respectful and wise!

An email to confirm you onboard will be sent out and then a final email with everyone’s details will be sent out! You can send just one card out or as many as you wish – it’s all about spreading festive cheer!

p.s none of the information provided here will be stored or used for any other purpose, I’d request bloggers to do the same by respecting everyone’s privacy. It was amazing last year so I’m sure this year will be a hit too!

Disclaimer: by filling out this form you agree to have your information stored until the end of the collaboration. All bloggers must not misuse other’s information or strict action will be taken against you. All information shared will be deleted post the collaboration and will only be used for the purpose of the collaboration. For other inquiries kindly contact at

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