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Eliza Vecca products

Hey my lovelies!

Today I’m going to review four different products by a Korean beauty brand, Eliza Vecca. Eliza Vecca focuses on skincare and are rather protective about their brand as they are the only brand I’ve seen that feature scratch stickers on their products which prove that they are authentic and not dupes or fakes.

I was sent these products back in May and I finally got the chance to share my personal views on these products! Lets dig right in!

Goggles Eye Lock in Aqua Mask

I loved the packaging of this one, a very vibrant blue to compliment the name of the mask. I didn’t really understand the properties of this mask however, I did enjoy the hydration my eye area received from this. I had no irritation or side effects and found the mask rather soothing to the skin. Perfect for casual use or a pamper yourself at home day.

Rating 5/5

Fruits Deep Power Ringer Mask

This mask was great as it had an English description at the front. I knew what to expect from the mask and yes, it met the standards set for it.

The mask contains an essence which is meant to help visibly tired skin by making it more elastic and healthy looking. My skin loved soaking this mask up, It definetly appeared more fresh looking and more healthy. I felt my skin slightly tighter after removing the mask. I loved this mask the most out of all the products sent out to me, i’d highly recommend it for special events and before applying make up!

Rating: 4/5

Ampule serum.

So this serum was a thin consistency, almost water like and clear. Again, due to the language I failed to understand it’s purpose and how to use it. I applied it at night before going to bed rather than at day time because I was unaware of it’s properties and I didn’t want to go under the sun after applying this. I didn’t feel any benefit of using this serum, I couldn’t find any visible changes either. I felt like my skin was healthy looking in the morning despite sleeping in an air con which can be unhealthy for the skin

Rating: 3/5

Bubble Blackboom Charcoal Pore Pack.

Okay so to be very honest, I was looking very forward to this. It’s one of those masks that every beauty/skincare lover has seen on Instagram, peeling away a pore mask which you pull away and then you see that disgusting yet satisfying mess away from you.

I out of enthusiasm, applied this on my nose and any other nose I could find in the household, being a tiny bit greedy I applied a liberal amount so I wasn’t wasting any product. we waited 10 minutes, 15 minutes up till 45 minutes and then we gave up. The mask refused to dry even a tiny bit. Then I thought of the external environment and did a few more attempts but to no success. So I was extremely disappointed. So therefore I can’t even give a rating like I usually do.

I hope you enjoyed this review which was more of a guessing game for me!

If you have any queries, feel free to contact me!

love, Leenay x

p.s These products are PR gifted by the courtesy of Eliza Vecca

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