Ozeri Kitchen Scales

Hey lovelies!

I hope everyone is doing well. Today I’m going to share a review about a beautiful kitchen scale that I received two weeks ago to review. So let’s begin!

I’ve always been fond of baking. I bake cakes mostly and pastries. I have also always struggled with scales, manual and digital ones and I swear I’m not saying that for the sake of this review. When I got sent these scales I was wondering if I would end up with a positive experience or not and let’s just say that I’m back into the baking game!

I chose the black scales as they complimented my kitchen but there were a range of beautiful colours available.

The scales are touch sensitive and the scale has two buttons, one to choose your weighing unit and one to switch on or tare. The minimum weight that it will pick up is 1 gram. I have used the scale to weigh my scatter (as seen in the images) and other crazy items as my reviewing session turned into a small game.

The scale is also easy to clean, I simply wipe it after using and put it away. The top of the scale is glass and the base is plastic. You can also change the batteries which is better than my previous scale.

The scale is really thin and easy to store.

You can buy these scales on Amazon.

If you would like any more information regarding these scales then you may contact me via the contact page!

Love, Leenay.

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