Red Cameo London – Nails

Hey my lovelies!

I hope you are all amazing, I’m currently stuck in a frenzy of exams as my first term of second year comes to an end. A while ago, as all my Instagram followers will know, Red Cameo London, a brand which features high quality nail wraps for men and women sent me a PR package which was insane.

I’m a person who loves nails, terrible at nail art and till date I have never gone to a salon to have my nails done (shocker, I know.) When the team at Red Cameo London reached out I swear I was so excited but nervous too as this was going to be my first experience.

The package:

The package contained two full sets of nail wraps, a few practice nail wraps, a small kit with a nail file, nail scissors and alcohol swabs an LED lamp and clear gel topcoat.

So the process was very simple, wipe clean your nail surface and surroundings, choose the nail wrap that fits (the kit contains many sizes so don’t worry if you have crazy nails like mines). Peel off the bottom layer and carefully apply to your nail. Then remove the top layer so you are left with the sticker on your nail. I suggest that you take a good amount of time smoothing the sticker out for a salon finish result. Then cut excess with the scissors but leave a small part of the sticker on and gently file it down.

Repeat the steps for all your nails, I’m a sucker when it comes to my right hand but I was surprised at how easy it was. Then you can either leave it like that as the nail wraps are super strong or you can add the gel top coat and cure it for a minute.

The results were so satisfying and I wish I had discovered Red Cameo London before.


  • Very affordable
  • They last for 2 weeks ( I kept them on for 5 days)
  • No damage, peeling, chipping occurred.
  • When it came to removal, I just gently peeled them off.
  • super safe for the health of your nails
  • They have a salon like finish.
  • quick process and curing time


  • give yourself ample time
  • Apply nail oil post peeling the nails off.

I hope you guys enjoyed this thorough review and I hope that if you do purchase the kit or the wraps that you have as much fun as I did!

Email me any questions and take care!

You can buy this amazing set or the nail wraps at:

Love, Leenay.

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