Contact Lenses – feel good contacts

Hey my lovelies!

How are you all doing? I hope you are all doing great (I’m sitting with a terrible cold, it’s just that time of the year!) Today I am here, typing away a review regarding contact lenses. If you didn’t already know, your girl here is as blind as a bat without contacts or glasses. So I’ve been a contact lenses wearer for atleast 5 years.

For the first time, here in the UK I was able to test a pair of lenses by a brand called Air-Optix, being sold by Feel Good Contacts. The shade I picked to test was Honey as it wasn’t a really strong change of colour for me personally, although I’d love to try out different colours now.

These lenses are available with an option of no power (for those who don’t have an eye prescription) or with power for those like me who have a prescription. My prescription is -5.75 and I’m glad it was readily available. The lenses last you a month as they are monthly contact lenses.

The lenses arrived in no time, with gifts such as: a case to safely store my contacts in and lenses solution to clean and store my lenses with. I was impressed with the fast delivery as it’s super convenient for last minute emergencies.

So for me, personally, I have dry eyes and they get fairly tired if they become dried out further. The lenses were 33% water content and I’ve worn them frequently, for short durations such as a couple of hours and for a longer duration (about 12 hours) and I totally forgot I had contact lenses in, they were super comfy and my eyes didn’t feel dry at all.

The lenses are easy to apply and remove and didn’t tear apart while I gently cleaned them (trust me, I’ve been there).

Do I recommend these? Not just saying but absolutely! As some of you guys know I’m travelling next month and my current non-coloured lenses prescription can get me through a 7 hour flight with minimal irritation ( I do add eye drops once an hour) and I wish I was able to test these out but as the lenses are a monthly, I won’t be able to. HOWEVER, I do still recommend these and you can view all the various colours and prescriptions here!¬†

They do offer great prices and next day delivery for all orders, so brownie points for that!

If you do purchase from them, I have a surprise ten percent off!

Just apply code: Leenay10
To save some money x



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