Yes to skincare

Hey my lovelies!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! I am but the days are flying by like crazy! All of us makeup fanatics are using a lot of makeup now a days, making sure we are all glammed up and it’s taking a slight toll on my skin!

Being too tired, I try and alternate with face masks rather than the regular step by step routine. I was recently sent a bunch of face masks by my favourite, Yes To.

They sent me their charcoal range (I’ve used the charcoal and tomato, blueberries and cucumber ranges). The purpose of the charcoal range is to detoxify and clear the skin. It helps remove the impurities which can get clogged up in pores.

The packaging of these masks are rather simple with instructions written on the back. Another thing that I noticed and positively took into consideration was the fact that the masks had very similar to same purposes. The only difference between them was that they were different in terms of wearing. There was a sheet mask, sleeping mask, peel off mask, 2 step nose kit and a mud mask.

I’m going to share how each mask is used and obviously, despite their purpose being the same, they all leave rather different effects, instantly and over the following time period.

Sheet (paper) Mask – A mask that you apply on a cleansed face and remove, no peeling, no washing. I tend to tap in the serum afterwards!

Sleeping Mask- A mask applied at night, post cleansing and slept with, don’t worry as it won’t dirty your pillows! you wash this off in the morning.

Peel off Mask- A mask that is a paste like consistency, applied till dry to touch and gently peeled in an upwards direction.

Mud Mask- A mask with a paste like consistency, applied and washed off after a while.

2 step nose kit – The 2 step nose kit, in the first part you scrub your nose with a large cotton swab and a paste and in the second paste you apply a peel off nose strip.

Upon using these masks the major differences I noticed was smoother and clearer skin. My pores didn’t seem as big in appearance and they really helped in also prepping my skin! The peel off mask was quite strong and I was pleased with the fact that it actually removed gunk!

I felt like I enjoyed all of them, I used them as per my need. I did lean a bit more towards the sleeping mask as I’ve recently just ventured into them! Yes To has also launched in Tesco Stores and are currently on promotion where you can get 3 masks for the price of 2! I’ve bought all of these again to use on my upcoming travels!

I hope you guys enjoyed my review, I tried being a bit more informative about the products along with the review. Let me know if you liked the different approach!



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