Alterna Haircare

Hey my lovelies!

The Alterna Haircare Range


I hope everyone is doing great! I’ve taken a very long break from posting blogs. I never really understood how tough university could be! Anyways, during my absence i did thoroughly test a few products for you lovely followers and i am starting with my most favourite. Alterna Haircare.

So this is a brand that is available through salons mostly and i was very luckily given the opportunity to test it out when in December i was ranting about sudden, unwanted hair loss.

I was very kindly asked to thoroughly describe my hair condition and lifestyle, yes, if you haven’t realised already, hair conditions can be due to internal issues or lifestyle issues such as stress due to exams.

I was then sent out a shampoo, conditioner and hair serum from the Caviar Anti-aging range. The shampoo and conditioner from this range aim to strengthen damaged hair and the serum rebonds and protects hair which has been damaged.

These products are suitable for consistent use just like your regular shampoo conditioner! I took a while to use the products as I wanted to take in all the benefits. I used to massage the shampoo into my head really well and leave the conditioner in my hair for a good 5 minutes. The smell was so pleasant that i would want to use only this range, but hey, that’s not how it works!

I want to assure everyone reading this that my first thought was, it’s expensive and out of my budget, if i were to buy it and that maybe it’s just ‘posh’. However, on the first use of just the shampoo and conditioner i was in awe with how quickly i could see a change. I loved the smell of the shampoo and conditioner too, it was very different in comparison to other brands.

The Bond repair shampoo

Over a period of four weeks, which was 2 uses, my hair stopped falling out and overtime the brittleness went away and also the dry feeling. My hair is very healthy and i personally feel so happy that despite going through current stress and anxiety related to university, my hair is amazing!

I feel like if i was to purchase these products, i wouldn’t maybe be too happy but now that i’ve had the chance to thoroughly test there products that i will hands down recommend it to those suffering with the same condition as me. If i needed, would i purchase these products? Absolutely yes!

I hope that everyone benefits from this review!

love, Leenay.

disclaimer: All the products above were gifted and all opinions expressed are my own and honest, like always.

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