About Me

Hey Lovelies!

Thank you for stopping by! My name is Alina and my nickname is Leenay, i am 18 years old and i study Pharmacy Science and Health. I am in year 1 at the moment. I’ve always had that ‘soft corner’ for makeup and latest trends but I’ve always steered away from it. I honestly don’t know why.

After watching lots of amazing bloggers from around the world reach heights of success i decided to venture out of my shell and here we are! I am still new obviously, but i am determined to share everything that appeals to me so that you guys may also benefit! I LOVE skincare products and sometimes i become creative and do DIY products, I create crazy makeup looks and i try to put my style forward by carefully picking out pieces of clothing to create a outfit that represents me!

I cannot wait to bring lots of content for you guys to enjoy and take benefit of and i really hope you love it!

lots of love,